Our sincere and grateful thanks go to the generous family members who have shared their research with us over so many years. We hope that we have been able to help them with their family history efforts as well.

This family compilation came to us from a great many sources including census records, local and family histories, gravestones, probates, correspondence and web listings. It is incomplete and not yet fully verified. Please review it with caution and verify facts independently whenever possible.

These pages were computer generated from our data files and haven't been heavily edited, so they won't always read as if they were written by an English major.

All the people here are believed to be related, at least through marriage. Our direct ancestors are marked with a gold star. Relatives who may still be living are not included in these notes in order to protect their privacy.

For more complete information including our source notes, please contact us directly. Comments, corrections and additions are always warmly welcomed!
                                                                                                                                     -- KFE & BFE