Venita Jones

F, b. circa 1908
Venita Jones|b. c 1908|p142.htm#i2438|Thomas A. Jones|b. 24 Jul 1860|p141.htm#i2258|Lydia Grace Anderson|b. Jun 1869|p13.htm#i2435|Edward Jones|b. 1819\nd. 20 Aug 1888|p140.htm#i2246|Alice C. Strayner|b. 1818|p256.htm#i2247|||||||
FatherThomas A. Jones b. 24 Jul 1860
MotherLydia Grace Anderson b. Jun 1869
     Venita Jones married (?) Pearson. Venita Jones was born circa 1908; age shown as 2 yrs at 1910 census.


(?) Pearson

Wade Jones

M, b. circa 1846
     Wade Jones was born circa 1846. He married Rebecca Bartlett, daughter of Joshua Bartlett and Anna Anderson.


Rebecca Bartlett b. 6 Mar 1848, d. 23 Mar 1928

William Jones

     William Jones married Rachel Isaac, daughter of Richard Isaac and Sarah Pottenger.


Rachel Isaac b. 2 Jul 1716

William Jones

     William Jones married Agnes Bolling Clack, daughter of Col. John Clack and Mary Kennon, on 14 February 1792 Brunswick Co, VA.


Agnes Bolling Clack

William Jones

M, d. 1705
     William Jones died in 1705.



William Jones

M, d. circa 2000
     William Jones died circa 2000 FL.

William E. Jones

M, b. March 1846
William E. Jones|b. Mar 1846|p142.htm#i2256|Edward Jones|b. 1819\nd. 20 Aug 1888|p140.htm#i2246|Alice Celeste Strayner|b. 1818|p256.htm#i2247|John Jones||p141.htm#i2694|Modeste Beaulieu||p21.htm#i2338|John E. Strayner||p256.htm#i2259|Josephete L. Beaudin||p21.htm#i2260|
FatherEdward Jones b. 1819, d. 20 Aug 1888
MotherAlice Celeste Strayner b. 1818
     William E. Jones was a building contractor in Faribault Minnesota; thought to have possibly been a drum major in the US Civil War.

He was born in March 1846 NY; noted as 25 years of age in 1870 census, 54 yrs at 1900 census. He married Mary Ann Gutzler circa 1879; shown married 21 yrs at 1900 census.


Mary Ann Gutzler b. Sep 1852

William V. Jones

M, b. 30 January 1827, d. 25 December 1874
William V. Jones|b. 30 Jan 1827\nd. 25 Dec 1874|p142.htm#i4368|Amasa Jones||p139.htm#i3129|Jane Canine|b. c 1795\nd. 9 Aug 1852|p42.htm#i3302|||||||John Canine|b. c 1769\nd. c 1848|p42.htm#i11113|Catherine (?)|b. c 1751|p1.htm#i11115|
FatherAmasa Jones
MotherJane Canine b. c 1795, d. 9 Aug 1852
     William V. Jones was born on 30 January 1827 NY. He married Elizabeth Wilmouth on 1 June 1854 DeKalb Co, TN. They had 2 children: Henry Franklin, Esther (Hester?) Jane.. William V. Jones survived Elizabeth Wilmouth circa 1858; as a result of a fire. William V. Jones married Nancy W. Stoner on 29 August 1859 DeKalb Co, TN. They had 7 children: John Amasa,William Philander, Calvin Gregg, Perry Claudie, George Columbus, Mary Elizabeth, James Lee. William V. Jones died on 25 December 1874 at age 47. He was buried Jefferson Cemetery, DeKalb Co, TN.

Family 1

Elizabeth Wilmouth b. c 1836, d. c 1858
Marriage*He married Elizabeth Wilmouth on 1 June 1854 DeKalb Co, TN. 

Family 2

Nancy W. Stoner b. 1 Nov 1834, d. 11 Jun 1905
Marriage*William V. Jones married Nancy W. Stoner on 29 August 1859 DeKalb Co, TN. 

Willie Jones




Beulah Mae Jordan

F, b. 29 September 1902, d. 9 April 1991
Beulah Mae Jordan Wallach
     Beulah Mae Jordan was born on 29 September 1902 TN. She married Roger David Bennett on 3 November 1920. Beulah Mae Jordan survived Roger David Bennett on 23 December 1922. Beulah Mae Jordan married Edward Harrison Wallach, son of James Edward Wallich and Anna Rebecca Bennett, on 11 February 1924. Beulah Mae Jordan died on 9 April 1991 Shady Grove Nursing Home, Rockville, Montgomery Co, MD, at age 88. She was buried on 12 April 1991 Baptist Cemetery, Germantown, Montgomery Co, MD.

Family 1

Roger David Bennett b. 4 Nov 1891, d. 23 Dec 1922

Family 2

Edward Harrison Wallach b. 2 Jan 1895, d. 12 Jul 1982

Nicholas B. Jordan

     Nicholas B. Jordan married Adaline Wall, daughter of Lorenzo Dow Wall and Samantha E. Anderson, on 13 October 1920.


Adaline Wall b. 8 Mar 1891

Hans Peter Jorgensen

     Hans Peter Jorgensen married Nannie Danielson.


Nannie Danielson

Marie Carolyn Jorgensen

F, b. 29 August 1882, d. 7 July 1976
Marie Carolyn Jorgensen|b. 29 Aug 1882\nd. 7 Jul 1976|p142.htm#i6641|Hans Peter Jorgensen||p142.htm#i6642|Nannie Danielson||p67.htm#i6643|||||||||||||
FatherHans Peter Jorgensen
MotherNannie Danielson
     Marie Carolyn Jorgensen was born on 29 August 1882 Red Wing, Goudhue Co, MN. Her married name was Putnam. She married Francis Daniels Putnam, son of William Herrick Putnam and Adeline Mary Rowell, on 20 April 1904 Red Wing, Goudhue Co, MN. Marie Carolyn Jorgensen died on 7 July 1976 Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, MN, at age 93.


Francis Daniels Putnam b. 28 Sep 1877, d. 1 Oct 1952

Abraham Josefsberg

M, b. circa 1873
Abraham Josefsberg|b. c 1873|p142.htm#i12550|Samuel Isak Josefsberg|b. c 1842|p142.htm#i12857|Ettel (Ethel) Rothfeld|b. c 1853\nd. c 1953|p212.htm#i12858|||||||||||||
FatherSamuel Isak Josefsberg b. c 1842
MotherEttel (Ethel) Rothfeld b. c 1853, d. c 1953
     Abraham Josefsberg was a baker with his own shop in Manhattan at the 1910 census.

He was born circa 1873 Austria. He married Esther Rothman circa 1895; (shown married 14 yrs at 1910 census.). They had 6 children: Rose (qv), Louis, Ben, Jacob, Moses, Bessie ..


Esther Rothman b. c 1875

Rose Josefsberg

F, b. circa 1897, d. 4 June 1966
Rose Josefsberg|b. c 1897\nd. 4 Jun 1966|p142.htm#i11796|Abraham Josefsberg|b. c 1873|p142.htm#i12550|Esther Rothman|b. c 1875|p212.htm#i12551|Samuel I. Josefsberg|b. c 1842|p142.htm#i12857|Ettel (Ethel) Rothfeld|b. c 1853\nd. c 1953|p212.htm#i12858|||||||
FatherAbraham Josefsberg b. c 1873
MotherEsther Rothman b. c 1875
     Rose Josefsberg was born circa 1897 Galicia, Austria; age shown as 13 yrs at 1910 census. She married Louis Duhl in 1923 NY. Rose Josefsberg died on 4 June 1966 NY.


Louis Duhl b. 7 Sep 1897, d. 8 Jan 1980

Samuel Isak Josefsberg

M, b. circa 1842
     Samuel Isak Josefsberg was born circa 1842 Austria. He married Ettel (Ethel) Rothfeld circa 1867 Austria. They had at least 6 children: including Abraham (qv), Hersch (Harry), Fannie, Nathan, Sadie, Moses Ber..


Ettel (Ethel) Rothfeld b. c 1853, d. c 1953

Elizabeth Jowers

F, b. circa 1852, d. circa 1917
     Elizabeth Jowers was born circa 1852. She married William Andrew Burton, son of James Wade Burton and Elizabeth E. Wall. They had 6 children: James Clement, John Thomas, Martha, Benjamin Franklin, William Bell, George Washington. Elizabeth Jowers died circa 1917 TN. She was buried in 1917 Jowers Cemetery, Henderson Co, TN.


William Andrew Burton b. c 1848, d. 3 Jul 1919

George Ward Joy

M, b. 30 June 1812, d. 22 March 1886
     George Ward Joy was shown as a ferrier at the 1880 census.

He was born on 30 June 1812 Caledonia Co, VT. He married Mandana Fisher in January 1834 Castleton, Rutland Co, VT. George Ward Joy survived Mandana Fisher on 9 July 1864 Rutland Co, VT. George Ward Joy married Marion Woodford, daughter of James Woodford and Julia Mills, on 31 December 1868. George Ward Joy died on 22 March 1886 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA, at age 73.

Family 1

Mandana Fisher b. c 1815, d. 9 Jul 1864

Family 2

Marion Woodford b. c 1834

Marion Joy

F, b. circa 1877
Marion Joy|b. c 1877|p142.htm#i12078|George Ward Joy|b. 30 Jun 1812\nd. 22 Mar 1886|p142.htm#i12077|Marion Woodford|b. c 1834|p300.htm#i12076|||||||James Woodford|b. c 1799\nd. 1862|p300.htm#i6488|Julia Mills|b. c 1803\nd. 1893|p169.htm#i6487|
FatherGeorge Ward Joy b. 30 Jun 1812, d. 22 Mar 1886
MotherMarion Woodford b. c 1834
     Marion Joy was born circa 1877 Washington, DC; age shown as 2 yrs at 1880 census.

John Warner Judd

     John Warner Judd married Mary Frances Bartlett, daughter of Joshua Bartlett and Anna Anderson, on 16 December 1880 Buffalo Valley, Putnam Co, TN.


Mary Frances Bartlett b. 3 Sep 1858, d. 22 Apr 1936

Anna Jung

F, b. August 1709, d. 12 February 1751
     Anna Jung was born in August 1709 Switzerland. She married Peter Ricksecker, son of Ulrich Rügsegger and Anna Magdalena Salzmann, circa 1743 Donegal Twp, Lancaster Co, PA. Anna Jung died on 12 February 1751 Lancaster Co, PA, at age 41. She was buried Old Moravian Burying Ground, nr. Milton Grove, Lancaster Co, PA.


Peter Ricksecker b. 20 Oct 1710, d. 9 Feb 1778

Anna Catarina Jung

F, b. circa 1705
     Anna Catarina Jung was born circa 1705. She married Christian Andereck on 30 December 1735 Lancaster Co, PA; by Rev John Casper Stoever. They had at least 4 children: Christian, Johann Frederick, Anna Maria (qv), Catarina.


Christian Andereck b. c 1705, d. c 1785

Elizabeth Justice

F, b. 17 October 1751
Elizabeth Justice|b. 17 Oct 1751|p142.htm#i11377|John Justice|b. 18 Mar 1719/20\nd. Aug 1794|p142.htm#i11378|Elizabeth Edwards|b. 18 Mar 1719/20|p86.htm#i11379|Justinian Justice II|b. 25 Dec 1694\nd. 17 May 1775|p142.htm#i11444|Prissilla Brown|b. 5 Feb 1694\nd. c 1749|p36.htm#i11445|||||||
FatherJohn Justice b. 18 Mar 1719/20, d. Aug 1794
MotherElizabeth Edwards b. 18 Mar 1719/20
     Elizabeth Justice was born on 17 October 1751 Albemarle Parish, Surry Co, VA. She married William Pickard, son of Henry Pickard and Elizabeth [Pickard].


William Pickard b. c 1758

John Justice

M, b. 18 March 1719/20, d. August 1794
John Justice|b. 18 Mar 1719/20\nd. Aug 1794|p142.htm#i11378|Justinian Justice II|b. 25 Dec 1694\nd. 17 May 1775|p142.htm#i11444|Prissilla Brown|b. 5 Feb 1694\nd. c 1749|p36.htm#i11445|Justinian Justice I|b. c 1656\nd. c 1720|p142.htm#i11446||||||||||
FatherJustinian Justice II b. 25 Dec 1694, d. 17 May 1775
MotherPrissilla Brown b. 5 Feb 1694, d. c 1749
     John Justice was born on 18 March 1719/20 Charles City Co, VA. He married Elizabeth Edwards on 27 November 1750 Charles City Co, VA. They had 11 children: Elizabeth (qv), Judith, John, Jemima, Patsy, David, William, Henry, Stephen, Keziah, Allen. John Justice died in August 1794 Chatham Co, NC, at age 74.


Elizabeth Edwards b. 18 Mar 1719/20

Justinian Justice I

M, b. circa 1656, d. circa 1720
Justinian Justice I|b. c 1656\nd. c 1720|p142.htm#i11446|William Justice|b. c 1625\nd. c 1664|p142.htm#i11448|Mary Frame|b. c 1635\nd. 3 Jun 1673|p94.htm#i11449|||||||John Fraeme|b. c 1608\nd. 17 Dec 1655|p94.htm#i11450|Ann Clay|b. c 1610\nd. c 1650|p52.htm#i11451|
FatherWilliam Justice b. c 1625, d. c 1664
MotherMary Frame b. c 1635, d. 3 Jun 1673
     Justinian Justice I was born circa 1656 Westover Parish, Charles City Co, VA. He died circa 1720 Charles City Co, VA.



Justinian Justice II

M, b. 25 December 1694, d. 17 May 1775
Justinian Justice II|b. 25 Dec 1694\nd. 17 May 1775|p142.htm#i11444|Justinian Justice I|b. c 1656\nd. c 1720|p142.htm#i11446||||William Justice|b. c 1625\nd. c 1664|p142.htm#i11448|Mary Frame|b. c 1635\nd. 3 Jun 1673|p94.htm#i11449|||||||
FatherJustinian Justice I b. c 1656, d. c 1720
     Justinian Justice II was born on 25 December 1694 Charles City Co, VA. He married Prissilla Brown on 28 May 1718 Charles City Co, VA. Justinian Justice II died on 17 May 1775 Charles City Co, VA, at age 80.


Prissilla Brown b. 5 Feb 1694, d. c 1749

William Justice

M, b. circa 1625, d. circa 1664
     William Justice was a planter and Burgess, living after about 1655 on his Kittawon or Kittewan plantation on the south side of the James River, just west of Flower de Hundred Creek. He owned the ship "Edward" and transported many people to the Virginia Colony.

He was born circa 1625 England; some say in Wales and others mention London. He married Mary Frame, daughter of John Fraeme and Ann Clay, on 26 May 1656 Weynoke Parish, Charles City Co, Wales. William Justice died circa 1664 Weynoke Parish, Charles City Co, VA.


Mary Frame b. c 1635, d. 3 Jun 1673

Doris Mary Karn

F, b. 23 October 1913, d. 22 May 1994
     Doris Mary Karn was born on 23 October 1913 Nickerson, NE. She married Sherman Levane Walley, son of Fred Smith Walley and Blanche Almeda Peters, in 1930 Spokane, WA. Doris Mary Karn died on 22 May 1994 Orange Co, CA, at age 80.


Sherman Levane Walley b. 23 Sep 1907, d. May 1982

Alva Hugo Karraker

M, b. circa 1890, d. 15 May 1936
Alva Hugo Karraker|b. c 1890\nd. 15 May 1936|p142.htm#i9719|||||||||||||||||||
     Alva Hugo Karraker was born circa 1890. He married Charlene Badger, daughter of Samuel Douglas Badger and Arethusa Billingsley, on 29 July 1923 Ewing, Franklin Co, IL. Alva Hugo Karraker died on 15 May 1936.


Charlene Badger

Sarah Kauffman

F, b. circa 1797
     Sarah Kauffman was born circa 1797. She married Joshua Bryner.


Joshua Bryner b. 1794, d. 8 Mar 1886