Walter T. Allnutt

M, b. 31 March 1888, d. 16 May 1979
Walter T. Allnutt|b. 31 Mar 1888\nd. 16 May 1979|p13.htm#i9822|Joseph Thomas Allnutt|b. 18 Feb 1844\nd. 18 Dec 1934|p12.htm#i755|Ella Miller|b. 11 Sep 1863\nd. 25 Jan 1943|p168.htm#i770|John Allnutt|b. 24 Jun 1814\nd. 29 Apr 1900|p12.htm#i312|Elizabeth A. Miller|b. 1 Jun 1814\nd. 29 Mar 1890|p168.htm#i307|William Miller|b. c 1829\nd. c 1865|p169.htm#i318|Rebecca Watkins|b. c 1836|p289.htm#i697|
FatherJoseph Thomas Allnutt b. 18 Feb 1844, d. 18 Dec 1934
MotherElla Miller b. 11 Sep 1863, d. 25 Jan 1943
     Walter T. Allnutt was born on 31 March 1888 Montgomery Co, MD. He married Ida May Moore on 20 November 1912. Walter T. Allnutt died on 16 May 1979 at age 91. He was buried Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Etchison, Montgomery Co, MD.


Ida May Moore b. 23 Sep 1891, d. 13 Jun 1943

William Allen Allnutt

M, b. circa 1903, d. circa 1904
William Allen Allnutt|b. c 1903\nd. c 1904|p13.htm#i9840|William E. Allnutt|b. c 1875\nd. c 1924|p13.htm#i9837|Eva C. Baker|b. c 1864\nd. c 1929|p17.htm#i9838|James W. Allnutt|b. 1842\nd. 29 Aug 1921|p12.htm#i753|Mary J. Groomes|b. 1852\nd. Dec 1918|p111.htm#i845|||||||
FatherWilliam E. Allnutt b. c 1875, d. c 1924
MotherEva C. Baker b. c 1864, d. c 1929
     William Allen Allnutt was born circa 1903 Montgomery Co, MD. He died circa 1904 Montgomery Co, MD. He was buried Laytonsville, Montgomery Co, MD.

William E. Allnutt

M, b. 14 August 1864, d. 20 June 1924
William E. Allnutt|b. 14 Aug 1864\nd. 20 Jun 1924|p13.htm#i9802|John Benjamin Allnutt|b. c 1840\nd. c 1921|p12.htm#i754|Ann Maria Marlow|b. c 1842\nd. c 1912|p161.htm#i844|John Allnutt|b. 24 Jun 1814\nd. 29 Apr 1900|p12.htm#i312|Elizabeth A. Miller|b. 1 Jun 1814\nd. 29 Mar 1890|p168.htm#i307|||||||
FatherJohn Benjamin Allnutt b. c 1840, d. c 1921
MotherAnn Maria Marlow b. c 1842, d. c 1912
     William E. Allnutt was born on 14 August 1864 Montgomery Co, MD. He died on 20 June 1924 nr Laytonsville, Montgomery Co, MD, at age 59. He was buried Laytonsville, Montgomery Co, MD.


Florence E. Houck

William E. Allnutt

M, b. circa 1875, d. circa 1924
William E. Allnutt|b. c 1875\nd. c 1924|p13.htm#i9837|James William Allnutt|b. 1842\nd. 29 Aug 1921|p12.htm#i753|Mary Jane Groomes|b. 1852\nd. Dec 1918|p111.htm#i845|John Allnutt|b. 24 Jun 1814\nd. 29 Apr 1900|p12.htm#i312|Elizabeth A. Miller|b. 1 Jun 1814\nd. 29 Mar 1890|p168.htm#i307|Franklin Groomes||p111.htm#i9798||||
FatherJames William Allnutt b. 1842, d. 29 Aug 1921
MotherMary Jane Groomes b. 1852, d. Dec 1918
     William E. Allnutt was born circa 1875 Laytonsville, Montgomery Co, MD. He married Eva C. Baker circa 1900 Montgomery Co, MD. William E. Allnutt died circa 1924. He was buried Laytonsville, Montgomery Co, MD.


Eva C. Baker b. c 1864, d. c 1929

Rebecca Almond

F, b. 27 April 1841
     Rebecca Almond was born on 27 April 1841 Henry Co, IA. She married Hiram Pickard, son of Henry Pickard and Eleanor Woody, on 6 January 1858 IA. They had 9 children: Charles A, Amanda J, Pleasant E, John E, Oscar, Sarah C, Arlow, Walter E, Frank.


Hiram Pickard b. 18 Nov 1838

Taft Alton

     Taft Alton married Ollie Gooch, son of Will L. Gooch and Lenora F. Wall.


Ollie Gooch b. 24 Mar 1909, d. 18 Sep 1943

Pauline Amber

F, d. 14 December 1957
     Pauline Amber married Carl Hermann Keil, son of Carl August Keil and Adeline Henrietta Elizabeth Moede, on 14 February 1948. Pauline Amber died on 14 December 1957.


Carl Hermann Keil b. 28 Jun 1894, d. 13 Nov 1976

Catherine D. Amberg

F, b. circa 1875
Catherine D. Amberg|b. c 1875|p13.htm#i12152|||||||||||||||||||
     Catherine D. Amberg was born circa 1875 NY; age shown as 34 yrs at 1910 census, 39 yrs at 1920 census. She married Joseph S. Theiss, son of Joseph Theiss and Lena (?), circa 1896; shown as married 13 yrs at 1910 census.


Joseph S. Theiss b. c 1872

Abraham Amos

M, b. circa 1810, d. circa 1888
     Abraham Amos was born circa 1810. He married Julian Matheny, daughter of Moses Mathena and Rebecca Humphreys. They had one known children: Sarah , b 1842 Bourbon Co KY, d 1920. Abraham Amos died circa 1888.


Julian Matheny d. c 1888

Anna Maria Andereck

F, b. 1739, d. December 1769
Anna Maria Andereck|b. 1739\nd. Dec 1769|p13.htm#i5068|Christian Andereck|b. c 1705\nd. c 1785|p13.htm#i5069|Anna Catarina Jung|b. c 1705|p142.htm#i11807|||||||||||||
FatherChristian Andereck b. c 1705, d. c 1785
MotherAnna Catarina Jung b. c 1705
     Anna Maria Andereck was born in 1739 Lancaster Co, PA. She married Johann Georg Ricksecker, son of Peter Ricksecker and Christina Rosenberger, circa 1758 Lancaster Co, PA. Anna Maria Andereck died in December 1769 Elizabethtown, Lancaster Co, PA. She was buried Mt. Tunnel Cemetery, Elizabethtown, Lancaster Co, PA.


Johann Georg Ricksecker b. 22 Mar 1735, d. 11 Mar 1788

Christian Andereck

M, b. circa 1705, d. circa 1785
     Christian Andereck was also known as Anderegg. He was born circa 1705; based on stated age of 28 yrs at 1733 immigration. He immigrated on 11 October 1733; arrived, age 28, at Philadelphia on ship "Charming Betty", Capt. John Ball, Master. He married Anna Catarina Jung on 30 December 1735 Lancaster Co, PA; by Rev John Casper Stoever. They had at least 4 children: Christian, Johann Frederick, Anna Maria (qv), Catarina. Christian Andereck died circa 1785 Strasburg, Shenandoah Co, VA.


Anna Catarina Jung b. c 1705

Leoma Ruth Andersen

F, b. 22 January 1928, d. 11 December 2004
     Leoma Ruth Andersen was born on 22 January 1928 Thatcher, Graham Co, AZ. She died on 11 December 2004 Mesa, Maricopa Co, AZ, at age 76; (last reported residence).

Alvin R. Anderson

M, b. circa 1854
     Alvin R. Anderson was born circa 1854. He married Rhoda Catherine Adcock, daughter of Lott Adcock Jr. and Lucinda (?), on 19 September 1873.


Rhoda Catherine Adcock b. c 1852

Anna Anderson

F, b. 16 March 1816, d. 17 June 1892
Anna Anderson|b. 16 Mar 1816\nd. 17 Jun 1892|p13.htm#i4493|Thomas Anderson||p13.htm#i5424|Judith Robinson||p211.htm#i5425|||||||||||||
FatherThomas Anderson
MotherJudith Robinson
     Anna Anderson was born on 16 March 1816 Blackburn's Fork, Jackson Co, TN. She married Joshua Bartlett, son of Joseph Bartlett and Millicent Rice, circa 1832 Jackson Co, TN. Anna Anderson died on 17 June 1892 Buffalo Valley, Putnam Co, TN, at age 76. She was buried Bellevue Cemetery, Smith Co, TN.


Joshua Bartlett b. 4 Feb 1811, d. 16 Sep 1881

Blanche Anderson

F, b. circa 1869, d. circa 1885
Blanche Anderson|b. c 1869\nd. c 1885|p13.htm#i4397|James Anderson||p13.htm#i4396|Frances E. Leishear|b. 3 Jun 1849\nd. 23 Aug 1879|p155.htm#i4395|||||||Thomas G. Leishear|b. 15 Nov 1816\nd. 8 Dec 1893|p155.htm#i313|Priscilla L. Miller|b. 12 Jul 1817\nd. 1 Mar 1902|p169.htm#i310|
FatherJames Anderson
MotherFrances E. Leishear b. 3 Jun 1849, d. 23 Aug 1879
     Blanche Anderson was born circa 1869. She died circa 1885.

Evelyn Ruth Anderson

F, b. 10 September 1921, d. 2 April 2005
Evelyn Ruth Anderson|b. 10 Sep 1921\nd. 2 Apr 2005|p13.htm#i630|John Anderson||p13.htm#i632|Anna Drott||p80.htm#i633|||||||||||||
FatherJohn Anderson
MotherAnna Drott
     Evelyn Ruth Anderson was born on 10 September 1921 Butternut, Ashland Co, WI. She died on 2 April 2005 Oconomowoc, Waukesha Co, WI, at age 83; last reported address.

Frances Anderson

     Frances Anderson married Peter Wynne.


Peter Wynne

Harry Goodwin Anderson

M, d. 22 July 1972
     Harry Goodwin Anderson was often called Chuck. He married Junia Esther Burleigh, daughter of Franklin Wilbert Burleigh and Laura Amelia Avanell Fisher, on 10 June 1951 Albany, Linn Co, OR. Harry Goodwin Anderson died on 22 July 1972.


Junia Esther Burleigh b. 16 Jun 1933

James Anderson

     James Anderson married Frances E. Leishear, daughter of Thomas G. Leishear and Priscilla L. Miller, circa 1869.


Frances E. Leishear b. 3 Jun 1849, d. 23 Aug 1879

Jane Anderson

     Jane Anderson was born Charles City Co, VA. Her married name was Duke. She married John Taylor Duke, son of Capt. Henry Duke and Elizabeth Taylor.


John Taylor Duke b. c 1707, d. c 1790

John Anderson

     John Anderson married Anna Drott.


Anna Drott

Lottie Anderson

     Lottie Anderson married Joseph Woodmus Fisher, son of Joseph H. Fisher and Amelia Jones, on 13 November 1896.


Joseph Woodmus Fisher b. 27 Jul 1887, d. 2 Jan 1920

Lydia Grace Anderson

F, b. June 1869
     Lydia Grace Anderson was born in June 1869 MN; age shown as 30 yrs at 1880 census. She married Thomas A. Jones, son of Edward Jones and Alice Celeste Strayner, circa 1888. Lydia Grace Anderson died Faribault, Rice Co, MN.


Thomas A. Jones b. 24 Jul 1860

Martha Anderson

     Martha Anderson married John Short, son of Jacob Short and Mary Freeman, Dinwiddie Co, VA. Martha Anderson died.


John Short d. b 1 Dec 1789

Mary Louann Anderson

F, b. 9 May 1870, d. 11 February 1968
     Mary Louann Anderson was born on 9 May 1870 White Co, TN. She married William Thomas Hale on 23 December 1889 White Co, TN. Mary Louann Anderson died on 11 February 1968 White Co, TN, at age 97. She was buried Lost Creek Cemetery, White Co, TN.


William Thomas Hale b. 1 May 1869, d. 28 Apr 1960

Samantha E. Anderson

F, b. 10 June 1864, d. 14 July 1924
     Samantha E. Anderson was also known as Mattie. She was born on 10 June 1864 Jackson Co, TN. She married Lorenzo Dow Wall, son of Thomas Meredith Thweatt Wall and Elizabeth H. Clack, on 2 October 1879 DeKalb Co, TN. Samantha E. Anderson died on 14 July 1924 at age 60.


Lorenzo Dow Wall b. 31 Jul 1851, d. 21 Jan 1918

Susanna Anderson

F, d. circa 1810
     Susanna Anderson married Isaac West, son of William West and Sarah Cropper, circa 1769 Orange Co, NC. They had Other children: : Abner, Solomon, Isaac, Pheriba, John, Anderson, Nancy, Elizabeth.. Susanna Anderson died circa 1810.


Isaac West b. c 1745, d. c 1814

Thomas Anderson

     Thomas Anderson married Judith Robinson.


Judith Robinson

William Anderson

     William Anderson married Catherine Wilhite, daughter of Benjamin Wilhite and Nancy C. Pistole, circa 1859; Catherines first marriage. William Anderson died; killed in the Civil War.


Catherine Wilhite b. 1837, d. 3 Oct 1882

William Claiborne Anderson

     William Claiborne Anderson married Elizabeth Clack, daughter of Capt. James Clack Jr. and Mary Sterling, on 24 July 1753 Brunswick Co, VA; with consent of Richard Eppes, Anderson's guardian.


Elizabeth Clack b. 1733, d. c 1771