Jane Maynard

F, b. circa 1671, d. before December 1713
     Jane Maynard was born circa 1671 Baltimore Co, MD. She married John Ensor, son of Edward Ensor, circa August 1691 Baltimore Co, MD. They had 4 or more children: Jane (qv), Abraham, Ann, John (qv).. Jane Maynard died before December 1713.


John Ensor d. b 6 Oct 1720

Lydia Maynard

F, b. 1795, d. 1862
     Lydia Maynard was born in 1795 NC. She married Thomas Petty, son of John Petty and Martha Saunders, on 11 February 1811 Wake Co, NC. Lydia Maynard and Thomas Petty relocated from NC to TN circa 1830. Lydia Maynard died in 1862 Stonewall, Smith Co, TN.


Thomas Petty b. c 1786, d. 1862

Relland Maynard

     Relland Maynard was often called Rube.

Elizabeth Mayo

F, b. 6 December 1719
     Elizabeth Mayo was born on 6 December 1719 Anne Arundel Co, MD. She married John Ridgely, son of William Ridgely II and Jane Westall. They had 2 known children: John, Joshua..


John Ridgely b. c 1709

Elizabeth Mc Vey

F, d. 1842
     Elizabeth Mc Vey married Dimmitt Cole, son of Rev. Shadrach Cole and Mary Mathena, on 4 May 1834 Shelby Co, OH. Elizabeth Mc Vey died in 1842 Shelby Co, OH.


Dimmitt Cole b. 12 Nov 1804, d. Dec 1883

Sarah McAfee

F, b. 24 June 1846, d. 30 December 1912
     Sarah McAfee was buried Jefferson Cemetery, DeKalb Co, TN. She was born on 24 June 1846. She married Marshall E. Adcock, son of Thomas Adcock and Frances Bowles, on 10 October 1865 DeKalb Co, TN. Sarah McAfee died on 30 December 1912 at age 66.


Marshall E. Adcock b. 21 Dec 1839, d. 31 Dec 1924

William McAvoy

     William McAvoy married Ann Fisher, daughter of William Fisher and Hannah Robinson, Canada.


Ann Fisher b. c 1840

Mary McBee

F, d. after 1790
     Mary McBee was born. She married William Thomas Benson. They had perhaps 3 children: Sarah, William P (qv), Ninian (qv). Mary McBee died after 1790 Montgomery Co, MD. She was also known as Mockbee Mockbee/McBee ties found in RootsWeb WorldConnect files. See printouts in DOW-1.


William Thomas Benson b. c 1757, d. Oct 1790

Joseph Patrick McCarthy

M, d. circa 1989
     Joseph Patrick McCarthy died circa 1989.



Michael Patrick McCarthy

M, b. 10 August 1951, d. 30 September 1962
Michael Patrick McCarthy|b. 10 Aug 1951\nd. 30 Sep 1962|p165.htm#i419|Joseph Patrick McCarthy|d. c 1989|p165.htm#i418||||||||||||||||
FatherJoseph Patrick McCarthy d. c 1989
     Michael Patrick McCarthy was born on 10 August 1951. He died on 30 September 1962 at age 11.

(?) McCarty

     (?) McCarty married Frederick Matheny, son of James Matheny I and Elizabeth Gaines.


Frederick Matheny b. c 1763

Nellie May McCaslin

F, b. 18 May 1886, d. 15 July 1970
     Nellie May McCaslin was born on 18 May 1886 Jasper Co, MO. She married James Harrison Branham on 6 December 1901 Ritchey, Newton Co, MO. Nellie May McCaslin died on 15 July 1970 Centralia, Lewis Co, WA, at age 84.


James Harrison Branham b. 30 Jan 1876, d. c 1947

Augusta Caroline McCausland

     Augusta Caroline McCausland married Edmund Brice Duvall, son of Justice Gabriel Duvall and Mary Brice, on 8 January 1818. They had 8 children: 4 matured: Marcus, Edmund, Mary, Gabriella.


Edmund Brice Duvall b. 25 Jan 1790

Anne McClanahan

F, d. circa 1809
     Anne McClanahan married Anthony Walke III, son of Anthony Walke II and Jane Randolph, on 15 January 1776 Princess Anne Co, VA. Anne McClanahan died circa 1809 Princess Anne Co, VA.


Anthony Walke III b. c 1742, d. 16 Aug 1814

Margaret McClenahan

F, d. 27 March 1953
     Margaret McClenahan married William Domer Shelley on 17 June 1895 New Bedford, Lawrence Co, PA. They had at least 3 children: Leonard, Martha, David (qv) .. Margaret McClenahan died on 27 March 1953 PA.


William Domer Shelley b. 16 Nov 1869, d. 4 Dec 1935

Mabel McClure

F, b. circa 1879
     Mabel McClure was born circa 1879. She married William John Gilmore in 1901.


William John Gilmore b. c 1876, d. c 1955

Brig. General James McComb

M, b. 1757, d. 1814
     Brig. General James McComb was born in 1757 Ireland. They had 9 children: James, George, John, David, Joseph, Andrew, Jane, Mary, Nancy. He died in 1814 PA.



Jane McComb

F, b. 1785, d. after 1880
Jane McComb|b. 1785\nd. a 1880|p165.htm#i6692|Brig. General James McComb|b. 1757\nd. 1814|p165.htm#i6693||||||||||||||||
FatherBrig. General James McComb b. 1757, d. 1814
     Jane McComb was also known as Jenny. She was born in 1785 KY. She married Benjamin Hodges, son of William W. Hodges, on 14 February 1809 Mercer Co, KY. They had 10 children: Martha, James, William, Adaline, Susan, Leonidas, Gelon, Thomas, Elizabeth, Sarah.. Jane McComb died after 1880 IA.


Benjamin Hodges b. 1780, d. 26 May 1843

John T. McCormick

M, b. circa 1865
     John T. McCormick was born circa 1865. He married Mary Lee Rankhorn, daughter of Crawford Monroe Rankhorn and Harriett Delilah Elkins.


Mary Lee Rankhorn b. 5 Dec 1868, d. c 1957

Mary McCulloch

F, b. 25 February 1771, d. 19 September 1851
Mary McCulloch|b. 25 Feb 1771\nd. 19 Sep 1851|p165.htm#i11072|Roderick McCulloch|b. 6 Nov 1741\nd. 1 Nov 1826|p165.htm#i11073|Elizabeth Horsley|b. 22 Mar 1748/49\nd. 7 Apr 1821|p131.htm#i11074|||||||||||||
FatherRoderick McCulloch b. 6 Nov 1741, d. 1 Nov 1826
MotherElizabeth Horsley b. 22 Mar 1748/49, d. 7 Apr 1821
     Mary McCulloch was born on 25 February 1771. She married Peter Pressley Thornton, son of Rev. William Thornton and Jane Clack, on 17 May 1792. They had 4 known children: Jane Clack, James F, Robert H, Belinda A.. Mary McCulloch died on 19 September 1851 at age 80.


Peter Pressley Thornton b. 12 Nov 1765, d. 6 Aug 1856

Roderick McCulloch

M, b. 6 November 1741, d. 1 November 1826
     Roderick McCulloch was born on 6 November 1741 Westmoreland Co, VA. He married Elizabeth Horsley before 2 September 1768. Roderick McCulloch died on 1 November 1826 Amherst Co, VA, at age 84.


Elizabeth Horsley b. 22 Mar 1748/49, d. 7 Apr 1821

(?) McDermott

     (?) McDermott married Catherine "Kate" (?). (?) McDermott died.


Catherine "Kate" (?) b. Aug 1854

Etta S. McDermott

F, b. circa September 1884
Etta S. McDermott|b. c Sep 1884|p165.htm#i12390||||Catherine "Kate" (?)|b. Aug 1854|p2.htm#i12389|||||||||||||
MotherCatherine "Kate" (?) b. Aug 1854
     Etta S. McDermott was a stenographer in a Real Estate office at the 1920 census.

She was born circa September 1884 NY.

Harold Joseph "Harry" McDermott

M, b. 29 September 1895, d. November 1945
Harold Joseph "Harry" McDermott|b. 29 Sep 1895\nd. Nov 1945|p165.htm#i7264||||Catherine "Kate" (?)|b. Aug 1854|p2.htm#i12389|||||||||||||
MotherCatherine "Kate" (?) b. Aug 1854
Harold J. McDermott
     Harold Joseph "Harry" McDermott was a bookeeper and musician. He composed scores for several popular tunes including "Wonderland Blues" and "Make Every Day Mothers' Day".

He was born on 29 September 1895 Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY. He married Catherine Mary Quigley, daughter of James Quigley . and Hanoria Callanan ., on 31 October 1920. Harold Joseph "Harry" McDermott died in November 1945 So. Ozone Park, Queens Co, NY, at age 50.


Catherine Mary Quigley b. 25 Oct 1899, d. 9 Nov 1978

Harold Leonard McDermott

M, b. 24 May 1925, d. 10 April 2002
Harold Leonard McDermott|b. 24 May 1925\nd. 10 Apr 2002|p165.htm#i7287|Harold Joseph "Harry" McDermott|b. 29 Sep 1895\nd. Nov 1945|p165.htm#i7264|Catherine Mary Quigley|b. 25 Oct 1899\nd. 9 Nov 1978|p197.htm#i7265||||Catherine "Kate" (?)|b. Aug 1854|p2.htm#i12389|James Quigley .|b. 15 Aug 1864\nd. 16 Jan 1937|p197.htm#i7305|Hanoria Callanan .|b. 9 Mar 1865\nd. 28 Aug 1953|p42.htm#i7306|
FatherHarold Joseph "Harry" McDermott b. 29 Sep 1895, d. Nov 1945
MotherCatherine Mary Quigley b. 25 Oct 1899, d. 9 Nov 1978
     Harold Leonard McDermott was often called Len. He was born on 24 May 1925 So. Ozone Park, Queens Co, NY. He died on 10 April 2002 Queens, NY, at age 76; Per telecon with HMES 13 Apr 2002.

James McDermott

M, b. circa 1878
James McDermott|b. c 1878|p165.htm#i12396|(?) McDermott||p165.htm#i12393|Catherine "Kate" (?)|b. Aug 1854|p2.htm#i12389|||||||||||||
Father(?) McDermott
MotherCatherine "Kate" (?) b. Aug 1854
     James McDermott was born circa 1878 NY; age shown as 2 yrs at 1880 census.

Thomas McDermott

M, b. circa 1872
Thomas McDermott|b. c 1872|p165.htm#i12395|(?) McDermott||p165.htm#i12393|Catherine "Kate" (?)|b. Aug 1854|p2.htm#i12389|||||||||||||
Father(?) McDermott
MotherCatherine "Kate" (?) b. Aug 1854
     Thomas McDermott was born circa 1872 NY; age shown as 8 yrs at 1880 census.

Catherine McDonald

F, b. circa 1799, d. 1888
Catherine McDonald|b. c 1799\nd. 1888|p165.htm#i5301|Francis McDonald||p165.htm#i5302||||||||||||||||
FatherFrancis McDonald
     Catherine McDonald was born circa 1799 Castle Green, Scotland. She married Michael Gormley circa 1817. Catherine McDonald died in 1888 PA.


Michael Gormley d. Aug 1861

Francis McDonald




Myra McDough

F, b. 7 March 1903
     Myra McDough was Teacher (HT).

She was born on 7 March 1903. She married Elmer Schultz, son of Carl Friedrich Otto Schultz and Mathilde Caroline Albertine Zellmer, on 29 May 1929.


Elmer Schultz b. 8 Sep 1903, d. 1956