John Sandidge

M, b. 25 November 1760, d. 27 July 1832
John Sandidge|b. 25 Nov 1760\nd. 27 Jul 1832|p215.htm#i11570|William Sandidge Jr.|b. c 1724\nd. Jul 1777|p215.htm#i11572|Elizabeth Graves|b. 14 Feb 1720\nd. 26 Jan 1826|p108.htm#i11573|William Sandidge|b. 10 Jul 1698\nd. 11 Mar 1746|p215.htm#i11574|Ann Pulliam|b. 22 Nov 1702|p196.htm#i11575|||||||
FatherWilliam Sandidge Jr. b. c 1724, d. Jul 1777
MotherElizabeth Graves b. 14 Feb 1720, d. 26 Jan 1826
     John Sandidge was born on 25 November 1760 Albemarle Co, VA. He married Mary Wood on 13 November 1783 Albemarle Co, VA. John Sandidge died on 27 July 1832 Green Co, KY, at age 71. He was buried Wilson Hill (Sandidge) Cemetery, nr Newt, Green Co, KY.


Mary Wood b. 25 Nov 1760, d. Mar 1824

Kent Sandidge

M, b. 16 May 1872, d. 9 December 1959
Kent Sandidge|b. 16 May 1872\nd. 9 Dec 1959|p215.htm#i11562|Henry Clay Sandidge|b. 9 Feb 1830\nd. 2 Sep 1916|p214.htm#i11566|America Allen|b. 27 Jul 1842\nd. c 1895|p10.htm#i11567|Gen Pleasant Sandidge|b. 19 Oct 1791\nd. 3 Jul 1849|p215.htm#i11568|Elizabeth J. Edwards|b. 20 Feb 1797\nd. 7 Jun 1867|p86.htm#i11569|||||||
FatherHenry Clay Sandidge b. 9 Feb 1830, d. 2 Sep 1916
MotherAmerica Allen b. 27 Jul 1842, d. c 1895
     Kent Sandidge was born on 16 May 1872. He married Hattie McMillan Williams. Kent Sandidge died on 9 December 1959 at age 87.


Hattie McMillan Williams b. 11 Sep 1876, d. 18 Jun 1942

Kent Sandidge Jr.

M, b. 9 June 1897, d. 1 February 1993
Kent Sandidge Jr.|b. 9 Jun 1897\nd. 1 Feb 1993|p215.htm#i3171|Kent Sandidge|b. 16 May 1872\nd. 9 Dec 1959|p215.htm#i11562|Hattie McMillan Williams|b. 11 Sep 1876\nd. 18 Jun 1942|p296.htm#i11563|Henry C. Sandidge|b. 9 Feb 1830\nd. 2 Sep 1916|p214.htm#i11566|America Allen|b. 27 Jul 1842\nd. c 1895|p10.htm#i11567|||||||
FatherKent Sandidge b. 16 May 1872, d. 9 Dec 1959
MotherHattie McMillan Williams b. 11 Sep 1876, d. 18 Jun 1942
     Kent Sandidge Jr. was born on 9 June 1897. He married Mildred Adele Regen on 25 April 1925. Kent Sandidge Jr. died on 1 February 1993 Brentwood, Williamson Co, TN, at age 95.


Mildred Adele Regen b. 10 Jan 1900, d. 15 Oct 1987

Gen Pleasant Sandidge

M, b. 19 October 1791, d. 3 July 1849
Gen Pleasant Sandidge|b. 19 Oct 1791\nd. 3 Jul 1849|p215.htm#i11568|John Sandidge|b. 25 Nov 1760\nd. 27 Jul 1832|p215.htm#i11570|Mary Wood|b. 25 Nov 1760\nd. Mar 1824|p300.htm#i11571|William Sandidge Jr.|b. c 1724\nd. Jul 1777|p215.htm#i11572|Elizabeth Graves|b. 14 Feb 1720\nd. 26 Jan 1826|p108.htm#i11573|||||||
FatherJohn Sandidge b. 25 Nov 1760, d. 27 Jul 1832
MotherMary Wood b. 25 Nov 1760, d. Mar 1824
     Gen Pleasant Sandidge was born on 19 October 1791 Albemarle Co, VA. He married Elizabeth Jones Edwards on 24 June 1813 Albemarle Co, VA. Gen Pleasant Sandidge died on 3 July 1849 Green Co, KY, at age 57.


Elizabeth Jones Edwards b. 20 Feb 1797, d. 7 Jun 1867

Suzanne Sandidge

F, b. 20 June 1927, d. 13 December 2005
Suzanne Sandidge|b. 20 Jun 1927\nd. 13 Dec 2005|p215.htm#i3066|Kent Sandidge Jr.|b. 9 Jun 1897\nd. 1 Feb 1993|p215.htm#i3171|Mildred Adele Regen|b. 10 Jan 1900\nd. 15 Oct 1987|p203.htm#i3172|Kent Sandidge|b. 16 May 1872\nd. 9 Dec 1959|p215.htm#i11562|Hattie M. Williams|b. 11 Sep 1876\nd. 18 Jun 1942|p296.htm#i11563|||||||
FatherKent Sandidge Jr. b. 9 Jun 1897, d. 1 Feb 1993
MotherMildred Adele Regen b. 10 Jan 1900, d. 15 Oct 1987
Suzanne Sandidge Sirls
     Suzanne Sandidge was active in local and civic affairs of Sumner Co Tennessee, and in the Clark Chapter of the DAR.

She was born on 20 June 1927 Nashville, Davidson Co, TN. She married Wilkes McNairy Sirls, son of Aliston McNairy Sirls and Ammie Lucy Bartlett, on 28 February 1947. Suzanne Sandidge died on 13 December 2005 TN at age 78; of cancer, abt 8 pm with her husband and children at her side.
She was buried Sumner Memorial Gardens, Gallatin, Sumner Co, TN.


Wilkes McNairy Sirls b. 13 Dec 1924, d. 8 Oct 2006

William Sandidge

M, b. 10 July 1698, d. 11 March 1746
     William Sandidge was born on 10 July 1698. He married Ann Pulliam. William Sandidge died on 11 March 1746 Spotsylvania Co, VA, at age 47.


Ann Pulliam b. 22 Nov 1702

William Sandidge Jr.

M, b. circa 1724, d. July 1777
William Sandidge Jr.|b. c 1724\nd. Jul 1777|p215.htm#i11572|William Sandidge|b. 10 Jul 1698\nd. 11 Mar 1746|p215.htm#i11574|Ann Pulliam|b. 22 Nov 1702|p196.htm#i11575|||||||||||||
FatherWilliam Sandidge b. 10 Jul 1698, d. 11 Mar 1746
MotherAnn Pulliam b. 22 Nov 1702
     William Sandidge Jr. was born circa 1724 Spotsylvania Co, Va. He married Elizabeth Graves circa 1750 VA. William Sandidge Jr. died in July 1777 Albemarle Co, Va.


Elizabeth Graves b. 14 Feb 1720, d. 26 Jan 1826

Asa Sanford

     Asa Sanford married Edith Simmons, daughter of Zarah Simmons and Phoebe Brownell, on 15 October 1805.


Edith Simmons b. 11 Aug 1788

William Sanford

     William Sanford married Abigail Simmons, daughter of Peleg Simmons and Mary Brownell, in 1780.


Abigail Simmons b. 31 Oct 1760, d. 26 Sep 1819

(?) Sarah Jane Chadwell

F, b. 15 August 1866
     (?) Sarah Jane Chadwell was born on 15 August 1866 MO. She married John Thomas Bryan. They had at least 9 children: including Charles T (qv), Margaret, Clara, Flora, Anna, Robert, Walter. William, Ollie..


John Thomas Bryan b. c 1852

Thomas J. Satterfield

M, b. circa 1829
     Thomas J. Satterfield was born circa 1829 MD; age shown as 30 yrs at 1860 census. He married Mary Elizabeth Straughn, daughter of Theodore Ringgold Straughn and Elizabeth Jarman, on 8 February 1854; based on age of first child in 1860 and listing in Queen Anne"s Co MD Marriages. They had at least 3 children: Joseph, Thomas, Mary.


Mary Elizabeth Straughn b. 1835, d. 19 Mar 1901

Martha Saunders

F, b. circa 1758, d. after 1837
     Martha Saunders was also known as Sanders. She was born circa 1758. She married John Petty, son of Thomas Petty and Mary (?). Martha Saunders died after 1837.


John Petty b. c 1756, d. 1837

Walter Kirk Savage

M, d. 1962
     Walter Kirk Savage married Mary Etta Petty, daughter of Silas Balaam Petty and Mary Etta Massey, in November 1922. Walter Kirk Savage died in 1962 Smith Co, TN.


Mary Etta Petty b. 10 Apr 1886, d. 13 May 1965

Anton Hermann Friederich Schacht

     Anton Hermann Friederich Schacht was born Goslar ?, Am Harz, Braunschweig, Preussen. He married Karoline Auguste Minna Edeler, daughter of Ernst August Karl Edeler and Johanne Henriette Karoline Meyer.


Karoline Auguste Minna Edeler b. 1 Dec 1886, d. a 1939

Christian Schaefer

     Christian Schaefer married Wilhelmina Prost.


Wilhelmina Prost

Ottilie Catherine Schaefer

F, b. 5 May 1889, d. 26 December 1977
Ottilie Catherine Schaefer|b. 5 May 1889\nd. 26 Dec 1977|p215.htm#i591|Christian Schaefer||p215.htm#i592|Wilhelmina Prost||p195.htm#i593|||||||||||||
FatherChristian Schaefer
MotherWilhelmina Prost
     Ottilie Catherine Schaefer was often called Tillie. She was born on 5 May 1889 Barton, Washington Co, WI. She married John Henry Techtmann, son of William Techtmann and Emma Antonie Keil, on 4 June 1913; No children. Ottilie Catherine Schaefer died on 26 December 1977 Cedar Lake Home, West Bend, Washington Co, WI, at age 88. She was buried Peace Church Cem, Kewaskum, Washington Co, WI.


John Henry Techtmann b. 12 Aug 1889, d. 10 Jul 1976

Franz Herman Scharbow

M, b. 3 February 1863, d. circa 1943
     Franz Herman Scharbow was born on 3 February 1863 "Seton", Germany. He married Marie Sophia Moreke. Franz Herman Scharbow died circa 1943 ND.


Marie Sophia Moreke b. 22 Aug 1870, d. c 1942

Meta Matilda Elise Scharbow

F, b. 30 October 1900, d. 17 June 1995
Meta Matilda Elise Scharbow|b. 30 Oct 1900\nd. 17 Jun 1995|p215.htm#i9090|Franz Herman Scharbow|b. 3 Feb 1863\nd. c 1943|p215.htm#i9091|Marie Sophia Moreke|b. 22 Aug 1870\nd. c 1942|p172.htm#i9092|||||||||||||
FatherFranz Herman Scharbow b. 3 Feb 1863, d. c 1943
MotherMarie Sophia Moreke b. 22 Aug 1870, d. c 1942
     Meta Matilda Elise Scharbow was born on 30 October 1900 ND. She married Wilhelm Gustav Ernst Klug, son of Carl Gottlib Helmuth Klug and Anna Emelia Zellmer, on 28 March 1923 Emden, ND. Meta Matilda Elise Scharbow died on 17 June 1995 Portland, OR, at age 94. She was buried Park Hill Cemetery, Vancouver, WA.


Wilhelm Gustav Ernst Klug b. 11 Mar 1889, d. 26 Dec 1976

Herbert Schatzke

     Herbert Schatzke married Matilda Johns, daughter of Robert Johns and Valerie Elisabeth Zuehlke.


Matilda Johns b. 21 Sep 1897

Marion Schaumberg

F, d. circa 1935
     Marion Schaumberg married Walter Enderle. Marion Schaumberg died circa 1935.


Walter Enderle b. 24 Jul 1903, d. 27 Apr 1994

Hermina Scheid

F, b. 17 May 1869, d. 22 November 1939
     Hermina Scheid was often called Minnie. She was born on 17 May 1869. She married Henry S. Techtmann, son of Johann Heinrich Techtmann and Marie Abel, on 22 November 1887. They had 6 children. Hermina Scheid died on 22 November 1939 at age 70.


Henry S. Techtmann b. 1 Jan 1864, d. 24 Nov 1946

Norman William Walter Schellhas

M, b. 10 February 1911, d. 22 October 1972
     Norman William Walter Schellhas was born on 10 February 1911. He married Dorothy Geihler. Norman William Walter Schellhas died on 22 October 1972 at age 61.


Dorothy Geihler b. 11 Oct 1919, d. 17 Dec 1973

Anna L. Schellin

F, b. circa 1858
     Anna L. Schellin was born circa 1858. She married August Carl Friedrich Mellenthin, son of Wilhelm Friedrich Möllenthin and Marie Emilie Gorges. They had 6 children: William, Frank, George A, Clara, Albert, Elsie..


August Carl Friedrich Mellenthin b. 5 Aug 1849, d. c 1898

Anna Maria Schenck

F, b. circa 1796, d. circa 1864
     Anna Maria Schenck was born circa 1796. She married John Ricksecker, son of Peter Ricksecker and Barbara Hohneisen. Anna Maria Schenck died circa 1864.


John Ricksecker b. 2 Aug 1780, d. 28 Dec 1827

Ervin F. Schenk

M, b. 16 May 1916, d. 19 August 1973
     Ervin F. Schenk was born on 16 May 1916. He married Alice Violet Draves, daughter of William Edward Draves and Alvina Knoke, in 1937. Ervin F. Schenk died on 19 August 1973 at age 57.


Alice Violet Draves b. 29 Jun 1920, d. c 1964

Jacob Schleich

M, b. circa 1799, d. circa 1846
     Jacob Schleich married Lydia Beery, daughter of Jacob Beery and Susannah Glick. Jacob Schleich was born circa 1799. He died circa 1846.


Lydia Beery b. c 1805, d. c 1857

Mary Elizabeth Schnebly

F, b. circa 1780
     Mary Elizabeth Schnebly was born circa 1780 PA. She married Adam Troup circa 1796 Washington Co, MD.


Adam Troup b. 19 May 1711

Margaret Alice Schoffstall

F, b. circa 1900, d. circa 1936
     Margaret Alice Schoffstall was born circa 1900; (age shown as 30 yrs at 1930 census). She married James Joseph Byerly, son of John Oliver Byerly and Margaret Cecilia Higgins, in 1928. Margaret Alice Schoffstall died circa 1936.


James Joseph Byerly b. 15 Sep 1907, d. Feb 1983

(?) Scholz

     (?) Scholz married Chesta I. Fisher, daughter of Edward Spencer Fisher and Ida May Keester, circa 1958. (?) Scholz died CO.


Chesta I. Fisher b. 18 Jan 1898, d. Mar 1990

Erwin Schorse

M, b. 26 June 1884, d. March 1972
     Erwin Schorse was born on 26 June 1884 Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co, WI. He married Louise Emma Kuecker, daughter of George Friedrich Kuecker and Katherine Blaesser. Erwin Schorse died in March 1972 Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac Co, WI, at age 87.


Louise Emma Kuecker b. 16 Dec 1898, d. 18 Oct 1995