James A. White

M, b. circa 1865
James A. White|b. c 1865|p294.htm#i10015|George W. White|b. c 1821|p293.htm#i10013|Betty A. (?)|b. c 1831|p1.htm#i10014|||||||||||||
FatherGeorge W. White b. c 1821
MotherBetty A. (?) b. c 1831
     James A. White was born circa 1865 GA.

Larena White

F, b. 30 November 1908
     Larena White was born on 30 November 1908 Fort Smith, Sebastian Co, AR. She married Ollie Burton Threet, son of William Giles Thweatt and Roanne Williamson Thweatt Wall, on 14 September 1938 Faulkner Co, AR.


Ollie Burton Threet b. 12 Jun 1883, d. 12 Jul 1955

Lula B. White

F, b. 30 November 1895, d. 11 March 1952
     Lula B. White was born on 30 November 1895 Muncaster's Mill, Montgomery Co, MD. She married William Howard Ricketts, son of William B. Ricketts and Susanna M. Craver. Lula B. White died on 11 March 1952 Sandy Spring, Montgomery Co, MD, at age 56.


William Howard Ricketts b. 21 Nov 1900, d. 2 Sep 1955

Mary White

F, b. 9 September 1714
Mary White|b. 9 Sep 1714|p294.htm#i1567|Timothy White|b. 17 Nov 1679|p294.htm#i1564|Rebecca Simmons|b. 12 Dec 1679\nd. 17 Jan 1760|p238.htm#i1222|||||||Aaron Symonson|b. c 1641|p258.htm#i1220|Mary Woodworth|b. 10 Mar 1650|p301.htm#i1221|
FatherTimothy White b. 17 Nov 1679
MotherRebecca Simmons b. 12 Dec 1679, d. 17 Jan 1760
     Mary White was born on 9 September 1714.

Rebecca White

F, b. 29 October 1717
Rebecca White|b. 29 Oct 1717|p294.htm#i1568|Timothy White|b. 17 Nov 1679|p294.htm#i1564|Rebecca Simmons|b. 12 Dec 1679\nd. 17 Jan 1760|p238.htm#i1222|||||||Aaron Symonson|b. c 1641|p258.htm#i1220|Mary Woodworth|b. 10 Mar 1650|p301.htm#i1221|
FatherTimothy White b. 17 Nov 1679
MotherRebecca Simmons b. 12 Dec 1679, d. 17 Jan 1760
     Rebecca White was born on 29 October 1717 Scituate, Plymouth Co, MA.

Sarah White

F, d. circa 1769
     Sarah White married John Stull, son of John Stull, say 1753. They had 5 children: Daniel, Martha, Susannah, John, Letitia .. Sarah White died circa 1769.


John Stull b. c 1733, d. c 1791

Sarah White

     Sarah White married Robert Leighton in April 1849 Pickering Twp, Durham Co, ON, Canada. Sarah White died.


Robert Leighton b. c 1813, d. 5 Jul 1880

Timothy White

M, b. 17 November 1679
     Timothy White was born on 17 November 1679. He married Rebecca Simmons, daughter of Aaron Symonson and Mary Woodworth, between 1 January 1707 and 1708.


Rebecca Simmons b. 12 Dec 1679, d. 17 Jan 1760

William Lingan White

M, b. 13 January 1872
     William Lingan White was born on 13 January 1872. He married Mary Virginia Bowman, daughter of William Henry Harrison Bowman and Catherine Elizabeth Holland Darby.


Mary Virginia Bowman b. 13 Jun 1876

Jane Cameron Whitehill

F, b. 28 July 1812, d. 23 June 1905
Jane Cameron Whitehill|b. 28 Jul 1812\nd. 23 Jun 1905|p294.htm#i5088|John M. Whitehill||p294.htm#i5213|Elizabeth Cameron||p42.htm#i5221|John Whitehill||p294.htm#i5222|Mary Middleton||p168.htm#i5223|||||||
FatherJohn M. Whitehill
MotherElizabeth Cameron
     Jane Cameron Whitehill was born on 28 July 1812. She married Samuel Redsecker, son of Johann Georg Redsecker and Susanna Ream, on 4 July 1839 Lancaster Co, PA; By Rev. T. M. Boggs. Jane Cameron Whitehill died on 23 June 1905 at age 92. She was buried Donegal Presbyterian Cemetery, Donegal Spring, Lancaster Co, PA.


Samuel Redsecker b. 13 Mar 1803, d. 14 Aug 1864

John Whitehill

     John Whitehill married Mary Middleton, daughter of John Middleton.


Mary Middleton

John M. Whitehill

John M. Whitehill||p294.htm#i5213|John Whitehill||p294.htm#i5222|Mary Middleton||p168.htm#i5223|||||||John Middleton||p168.htm#i5224||||
FatherJohn Whitehill
MotherMary Middleton
     John M. Whitehill married Elizabeth Cameron.


Elizabeth Cameron

Beulah Whitehouse

F, b. 10 November 1895
     Beulah Whitehouse was born on 10 November 1895 Shawano, Shawano Co, WI. She married George F. Zellmer, son of Friedrich Ferdinand Zellmer and Emilie Bertha Louise Hoeft, on 1 June 1921.


George F. Zellmer b. 29 Jun 1893, d. 23 Jan 1979

(?) Whitehurst

     (?) Whitehurst married Camellia Redsecker, daughter of Abraham Ream Redsecker and Martha J. Peifer.


Camellia Redsecker

Fannie Inez Whitt

     Fannie Inez Whitt married Robert Alton Pettie, son of Robert Pettie.


Robert Alton Pettie b. 31 Jul 1902

Jim Whitten

     Jim Whitten married Mary Emm Cole, daughter of William Jessy Cole Jr. and Martha Ann Howard, on 19 October 1882.


Mary Emm Cole b. 3 Nov 1859

Leah Whitten

F, b. circa 1728
     Leah Whitten was born circa 1728 Hingham, Plymouth Co, MA. She married Ebenezer Simmons, son of Ebenezer Simmons and Lydia Kent, on 22 June 1765.


Ebenezer Simmons b. 28 Jun 1724

Nathaniel Wickham Jr.

M, b. circa 1698, d. before 1768
     Nathaniel Wickham Jr. was born circa 1698. He married Priscilla Tyler, daughter of Robert Tyler and Susannah Duval, on 19 December 1723 Queen Anne's Parish, Prince George's Co, MD; Rev. Jacob Henderson officiating. They had 6 known children: Robert, Nathaniel, Samuel, Priscilla, John, Henry.. Nathaniel Wickham Jr. died before 1768; when his son Nathaniel was styled "senior".


Priscilla Tyler b. 12 Jun 1703

(?) Wiedeman

     (?) Wiedeman married Emma Zellmer, daughter of Frederick Zellmer and Emma Frederike Knoke. They had 7 children: Charles, Vernon, Earl, Clifford, Lillian, Gaul, Irvin.


Emma Zellmer b. c Mar 1880

Walter P. Wiedmeyer

M, b. 16 June 1918, d. 3 June 1996
     Walter P. Wiedmeyer was born on 16 June 1918 Washington Co, WI. He died on 3 June 1996 Washington Co, WI, at age 77.

Lydia Wiegand

F, b. 5 June 1836, d. 28 July 1895
     Lydia Wiegand was born on 5 June 1836. She married Abraham M. Redsecker, son of John George Redsecker and Catharine Myers. Lydia Wiegand died on 28 July 1895 at age 59. She was buried Mt. Tunnel Cemetery, Elizabethtown, Lancaster Co, PA.


Abraham M. Redsecker b. 8 Nov 1824, d. 11 Feb 1911

Anna Wieseler

F, b. 20 August 1869, d. 14 January 1931
Anna Wieseler|b. 20 Aug 1869\nd. 14 Jan 1931|p294.htm#i7089|Theodor Wieseler|b. 25 Dec 1830\nd. 19 Feb 1900|p294.htm#i7092||||||||||||||||
FatherTheodor Wieseler b. 25 Dec 1830, d. 19 Feb 1900
     Anna Wieseler was born on 20 August 1869. She married Herman Wilhelm Knapp, son of Johann G. Knapp and Henrietta Mielahn, in 1889. Anna Wieseler died on 14 January 1931 at age 61; two strokes.


Herman Wilhelm Knapp b. 24 Jan 1864, d. 21 May 1941

Theodor Wieseler

M, b. 25 December 1830, d. 19 February 1900
     Theodor Wieseler was a farmer in Deer Creek Twp.

He was born on 25 December 1830 Luxembourg. He died on 19 February 1900 at age 69. He was buried Maine Twp, Outagamie Co, WI; Reinterred in New London after about 50 years, same lot as Hanke family. (Church in Maine Twp had been taken down, and Theodore's grave was one of only 10 remaining on the old site, which was to be paved for a parking lot.).



John V. Wilcox

     John V. Wilcox married Susan Peachy Poythress, daughter of Joshua Poythress and Elizabeth Robertson.


Susan Peachy Poythress

Cash Linville "Ted" Wiles

M, b. 2 April 1885, d. 29 January 1964
     Cash Linville "Ted" Wiles was born on 2 April 1885. He married Olive Minnie Cole, daughter of Shadrack Olin Cole and Caroline Cook, on 19 December 1905. They had 3 children: Delores J, Chester L, Alice B.. Cash Linville "Ted" Wiles died on 29 January 1964 at age 78.


Olive Minnie Cole b. 11 May 1884, d. 29 May 1964

Stephen Glenn Wiles

M, b. 26 September 1888, d. 1 May 1975
     Stephen Glenn Wiles was born on 26 September 1888 Plattsmouth, Cass Co, NE. He married Opal Burdella Cole, daughter of Shadrack Olin Cole and Caroline Cook, on 12 October 1922 Plattsmouth, Cass Co, NE. Stephen Glenn Wiles died on 1 May 1975 Omaha, Douglas Co, NE, at age 86. He was buried Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Plattsmouth, Cass Co, NE.


Opal Burdella Cole b. 8 Jun 1900, d. 26 Sep 1979

Susan Wiley

     Susan Wiley married Micajah Cole, son of Salathiel Cole and Sarah [Cole]. They had 11 children: Jemima G, Thomas H, Elizabeth N, Joshua W, Sarah H, John W, Micajah, Parmelia, Zackariah N, Mary W, Rachel C..


Micajah Cole d. 15 Apr 1823

Alice Mae Wilgus

F, b. 31 August 1944, d. 23 August 2003
     Alice Mae Wilgus was born on 31 August 1944. She died on 23 August 2003 Franklin Co, OH, at age 58. She was buried Sunset Cemetery, Alton, Franklin Co, OH.

Benjamin Wilhite

M, b. 5 August 1805, d. 24 September 1864
Benjamin Wilhite|b. 5 Aug 1805\nd. 24 Sep 1864|p294.htm#i11505|Reuben Wilhite|b. 25 Nov 1768\nd. 6 Dec 1862|p295.htm#i6795|Mary Yager|b. c 1778\nd. 8 Apr 1870|p302.htm#i11485|||||||Solomon Yager|b. c Sep 1759\nd. 6 Oct 1851|p303.htm#i11488|Elizabetha Broyles|b. 15 May 1760\nd. c 1845|p37.htm#i11489|
FatherReuben Wilhite b. 25 Nov 1768, d. 6 Dec 1862
MotherMary Yager b. c 1778, d. 8 Apr 1870
     Benjamin Wilhite was born on 5 August 1805. He married Nancy C. Pistole on 14 December 1826. They had 10 or more children: John, James, Patsy, Stephen, Catherine (qv), Daniel, Thomas, Benjamin F, Vance, Solna.. Benjamin Wilhite died on 24 September 1864 White Co, TN, at age 59.


Nancy C. Pistole b. 6 Jun 1810, d. 17 Jul 1879

Catherine Wilhite

F, b. 1837, d. 3 October 1882
Catherine Wilhite|b. 1837\nd. 3 Oct 1882|p294.htm#i4337|Benjamin Wilhite|b. 5 Aug 1805\nd. 24 Sep 1864|p294.htm#i11505|Nancy C. Pistole|b. 6 Jun 1810\nd. 17 Jul 1879|p191.htm#i11506|Reuben Wilhite|b. 25 Nov 1768\nd. 6 Dec 1862|p295.htm#i6795|Mary Yager|b. c 1778\nd. 8 Apr 1870|p302.htm#i11485|||||||
FatherBenjamin Wilhite b. 5 Aug 1805, d. 24 Sep 1864
MotherNancy C. Pistole b. 6 Jun 1810, d. 17 Jul 1879
     Catherine Wilhite was born in 1837. She married William Anderson circa 1859; Catherines first marriage. Catherine Wilhite survived William Anderson; killed in the Civil War. Catherine Wilhite married William R. Morris, son of George William Morris and Elizabeth Walker, on 6 January 1867 White Co, TN. Catherine Wilhite died on 3 October 1882 White Co, TN. She was buried Cherry Creek Presbyterian Cemetery, White Co, TN.

Family 1

William Anderson

Family 2

William R. Morris b. 10 Jul 1843, d. 30 Jan 1926