Benjamin F. Crabbs

M, b. circa 1836
Benjamin F. Crabbs|b. c 1836|p65.htm#i11207||||Emily (?)|b. c 1805|p2.htm#i11206|||||||||||||
MotherEmily (?) b. c 1805
     Benjamin F. Crabbs was a flour inspector living in Washington DC with his mother, Emily at the 1870 census.

He was born circa 1836 MD; age shown as 14 yrs at 1850 census.

Mary Crabtree

F, b. 31 March 1745, d. 15 November 1801
     Mary Crabtree was born on 31 March 1745 MA. She married Philip Siler circa 1765 NC. They had 9 children: John, Elizabeth, Adam (qv), Andrew, Margaret, James L, Josiah, Philip, Solomon. Mary Crabtree died on 15 November 1801 Chatham Co, NC, at age 56.


Philip Siler b. 5 May 1745, d. 7 Feb 1834

Ann Craig

     Ann Craig married Robert Hall.


Robert Hall

Elinor Craighead

     Elinor Craighead married Andrew Jackson Petty, son of Henderson B. Petty and Nancy Pryor Gresham.


Andrew Jackson Petty b. 1846, d. 11 Oct 1922

Oscar Earl Cramer

M, b. circa 1899, d. 1964
     Oscar Earl Cramer was born circa 1899 Bradford Co, IN. He married Edna Claire Grosclose. Oscar Earl Cramer died in 1964 Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN.


Edna Claire Grosclose b. 1898

Ruth Cramphin

F, b. 30 August 1742, d. 16 August 1812
     Ruth Cramphin was born on 30 August 1742. She married Allen Bowie Jr., son of John Bowie Jr. and Elizabeth Pottinger, on 28 December 1766. Ruth Cramphin died on 16 August 1812 at age 69.


Allen Bowie Jr. b. c 1737, d. Mar 1803

Susanna M. Craver

F, b. 12 September 1859, d. 31 December 1939
     Susanna M. Craver was born on 12 September 1859 Frederick Co, MD. She married William B. Ricketts, son of Robert J. Ricketts and Sarah A. Dixon, on 14 December 1881. Susanna M. Craver died on 31 December 1939 Unity, Montgomery Co, MD, at age 80.


William B. Ricketts b. Sep 1859, d. 1937

Catherine Crawford

F, b. 26 January 1825, d. 23 August 1887
     Catherine Crawford was born on 26 January 1825 Montgomery Co. She married William H. Benson, son of William P. Benson and Sarah Dowden, circa 1842. Catherine Crawford died on 23 August 1887 Montgomery Co, MD, at age 62. She was buried Laytonsville, Montgomery Co, MD.


William H. Benson b. 15 Dec 1812, d. 28 Mar 1864

Horatio Crawford



Mary Ann Allnutt

Neuman Washington Crawford

M, b. 13 October 1879, d. 28 September 1937
     Neuman Washington Crawford was born on 13 October 1879 Montgomery Co, MD. He married Beulah Miller, daughter of Jacob Miller and Caroline Virginia Hanshew, on 24 December 1905. They had 6 children: Quentin Newman, Francis Marion, Eugenia M, Hazel Virginia, Alby Washington, Mary Eleanor.. Neuman Washington Crawford died on 28 September 1937 Frederick, Frederick Co, MD, at age 57. He was buried Forest Oak Cemetery, Gaithersburg, Montgomery Co, MD.


Beulah Miller b. 22 Jul 1885, d. 3 May 1974

Joseph Crenshaw

M, b. circa 1700, d. circa 1758
     Joseph Crenshaw was born circa 1700. He married Sarah MacAlaster. They had at least 8 children: Gideon, Joseph, Micajah, Thomas, Priscilla (qv), Mary, Hannah, William. Joseph Crenshaw died circa 1758 Lunenburg Co, VA.


Sarah MacAlaster

Priscilla Ann Crenshaw

F, d. after 1774
Priscilla Ann Crenshaw|d. a 1774|p65.htm#i4248|Joseph Crenshaw|b. c 1700\nd. c 1758|p65.htm#i4249|Sarah MacAlaster||p159.htm#i4250|||||||||||||
FatherJoseph Crenshaw b. c 1700, d. c 1758
MotherSarah MacAlaster
     Priscilla Ann Crenshaw was born Lunenburg Co, VA. She married Robert Duke, son of John Taylor Duke and Jane Anderson, before 1757 Lunenburg Co, VA. They had 13 children: : Thomas, Rachael, Crenshaw, Granger, John, Aaron, Unk girl, Green Robert (qv), Moses, Stephen (qv), Jesse, Hester, Anne.. Priscilla Ann Crenshaw died after 1774 Lancaster Co, SC.


Robert Duke b. c 1730, d. c 1785

Daniel Cresap

M, b. 22 February 1728, d. July 1798
Daniel Cresap|b. 22 Feb 1728\nd. Jul 1798|p65.htm#i7574|Col. Thomas Cresap|b. c 1694\nd. c 1790|p65.htm#i10372|Hannah Johnson||p139.htm#i10373|||||||||||||
FatherCol. Thomas Cresap b. c 1694, d. c 1790
MotherHannah Johnson
     Daniel Cresap was born on 22 February 1728 Havre de Grace, Baltimore Co, MD; now Harford Co. He married Martha Flint. Daniel Cresap survived Martha Flint before 1750. Daniel Cresap married Ruth Swearingen, daughter of Van Swearingen and Elizabeth Walker, circa 1750. They had 11 children: Thomas, Daniel, Joseph, Elizabeth,Mary, Van Swearingen, Robert, James Daniel, Thomas, Sarah Ruth, Elizabeth Sprigg.. Daniel Cresap died in July 1798 Allegany Co, MD, at age 70.

Family 1

Martha Flint d. b 1750

Family 2

Ruth Swearingen b. 28 Feb 1730, d. 1 Dec 1795

Col. Thomas Cresap

M, b. circa 1694, d. circa 1790
     Col. Thomas Cresap was a prominent frontiersman and land speculator in colonial Maryland. He was associated with his son, Daniel , George Mason, Augustine and Lawrence Washington, George Fairfax and several other prominent Virginians and Marylanders in the formation and operation of The Ohio Company in an effort to settle and exploit the Ohio frontier country.

He was born circa 1694. He married Hannah Johnson. Col. Thomas Cresap died circa 1790.


Hannah Johnson

Catherine E. Cresor

F, b. 2 February 1863, d. 11 September 1906
Catherine E. Cresor|b. 2 Feb 1863\nd. 11 Sep 1906|p65.htm#i5600|Isaac Cresor|b. c 1838\nd. 16 Sep 1892|p65.htm#i10779|Rhoda Mary Colby|b. 2 Mar 1843\nd. 9 Jul 1905|p53.htm#i10780|||||||||||||
FatherIsaac Cresor b. c 1838, d. 16 Sep 1892
MotherRhoda Mary Colby b. 2 Mar 1843, d. 9 Jul 1905
     Catherine E. Cresor was born on 2 February 1863 Reach, Ontario, Canada. She married George Nelson Delong, son of James Henry Delong and Hannah Fisher, on 6 November 1885. Catherine E. Cresor died on 11 September 1906 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, at age 43.


George Nelson Delong b. 6 Mar 1861, d. 16 Jun 1902

Isaac Cresor

M, b. circa 1838, d. 16 September 1892
     Isaac Cresor was born circa 1838 "Lower Canada", Canada. He married Rhoda Mary Colby. They had 7 children: Isaac, Catherine (qv), Mary Jane, William J, Charles, Frederick H, Walter R.. Isaac Cresor died on 16 September 1892 Canada. He was buried Pinegrove Methodist Church Cemetery, Uxbridge Twp, Ontario, Canada.


Rhoda Mary Colby b. 2 Mar 1843, d. 9 Jul 1905

A. W. Crews

     A. W. Crews married an unknown person.



Annice Crews

Annice Crews||p65.htm#i3973|A. W. Crews||p65.htm#i3976||||||||||||||||
FatherA. W. Crews
     Annice Crews married John Thomas Moore M.D., son of Thomas Franklin Moore and Bettie Fraser, in November 1913 Maury Co, TN.


John Thomas Moore M.D. b. c 1877

Mary Crist

     Mary Crist married Joshua Glick, son of Philip Glick and Nancy Hoover, on 25 December 1867 Circleville, Pickaway Co, OH.


Joshua Glick b. 17 Oct 1845

Anne Crockett

F, b. circa 1788, d. after 1854
     Anne Crockett was born circa 1788. She married Ninian Benson, son of William Thomas Benson and Mary McBee, on 20 March 1809 Montgomery Co, MD. Anne Crockett died after 1854.


Ninian Benson b. c 1790, d. 5 Mar 1830

Adelaide Crohen

F, b. 22 January 1860, d. 11 August 1929
     Adelaide Crohen was born on 22 January 1860. She married George Redsecker Rohrer M.D., son of Jeremiah Rohrer and Mary Ann Redsecker, on 24 October 1884; Henry Ward Beecher officiating. Adelaide Crohen died on 11 August 1929 at age 69.


George Redsecker Rohrer M.D. b. 11 Dec 1853, d. 31 Mar 1935

Sarah Cropper

F, b. circa 1726
     Sarah Cropper was born circa 1726 New Providence, Lancaster Co, PA. She married William West, son of John West and Elizabeth Beisley.


William West b. c 1724

Daniel Crosby

     Daniel Crosby married Mary Routt, daughter of Richard Routt and Frances Adams.


Mary Routt b. 26 Feb 1687, d. 12 Jan 1750

Catherine Croshaw

F, b. circa 1596
     Catherine Croshaw was born circa 1596 Ireland. She married Thomas Graves circa 1610. They had perhaps 6 children: including John, Thomas, Verlinda (qv), Anne (qv), Katherine (qv), Francis. Catherine Croshaw died VA.


Thomas Graves b. c 1580, d. c 1635

Richard Cross

     Richard Cross married Anna Maclin, daughter of William R. Maclin and Sarah Clack.


Anna Maclin b. c 1755

Minnesota Crowder

     Minnesota Crowder married William Adcock, son of Perry Adcock and Mary N. Winn.


William Adcock b. 15 Oct 1864, d. 19 Aug 1916

Charles Crowell

M, b. circa 1795
Charles Crowell|b. c 1795|p65.htm#i2154|Simon Crowell|b. c 1743\nd. Mar 1838|p66.htm#i11433||||Johan P. Grauel|b. c 1714\nd. Oct 1763|p108.htm#i11435|Catharena Tausend|b. c 1720|p259.htm#i11436|||||||
FatherSimon Crowell b. c 1743, d. Mar 1838
     Charles Crowell was born circa 1795 NC. He married Elizabeth (?). They had 11 children: Rachel, Martha, Elijah Cass, Mary, Henry, Mary Malinda, Evan A, Michael Meachum, Green L (qv), Charles Milton, Elizabeth Malinda (qv)..


Elizabeth (?) b. c 1786

Dietrich Crowell

M, b. circa 1750
Dietrich Crowell|b. c 1750|p65.htm#i11437|Johan Peter Grauel|b. c 1714\nd. Oct 1763|p108.htm#i11435|Catharena Tausend|b. c 1720|p259.htm#i11436|||||||||||||
FatherJohan Peter Grauel b. c 1714, d. Oct 1763
MotherCatharena Tausend b. c 1720
     Dietrich Crowell was born circa 1750 Lancaster Co, PA.

Elizabeth Melinda Crowell

F, b. 17 October 1831, d. 26 December 1906
Elizabeth Melinda Crowell|b. 17 Oct 1831\nd. 26 Dec 1906|p65.htm#i2141|Charles Crowell|b. c 1795|p65.htm#i2154|Elizabeth (?)|b. c 1786|p2.htm#i2155|Simon Crowell|b. c 1743\nd. Mar 1838|p66.htm#i11433||||||||||
FatherCharles Crowell b. c 1795
MotherElizabeth (?) b. c 1786
     Elizabeth Melinda Crowell was born on 17 October 1831 NC. She married Jesse Pickard, son of Henry Pickard and Nancy Petty, circa 1848. Elizabeth Melinda Crowell died on 26 December 1906 Smith Co, TN, at age 75. She was buried Dr. Gross (Pickard) Cemetery, Possum Valley, Smith Co, TN.


Jesse Pickard b. 27 Nov 1818, d. 18 Nov 1894

George Martin Crowell

M, b. 7 July 1747, d. 23 October 1837
George Martin Crowell|b. 7 Jul 1747\nd. 23 Oct 1837|p65.htm#i11439|Johan Peter Grauel|b. c 1714\nd. Oct 1763|p108.htm#i11435|Catharena Tausend|b. c 1720|p259.htm#i11436|||||||||||||
FatherJohan Peter Grauel b. c 1714, d. Oct 1763
MotherCatharena Tausend b. c 1720
     George Martin Crowell was born on 7 July 1747 PA. He married Jemima Sherrin circa 1771. They had 9 children: John, William, George M, Moses, David, Peter, Katherine, Fannie, Elizabeth. George Martin Crowell died on 23 October 1837 Stanly Co, NC, at age 90. He was buried Talbert Graveyard, Stanly Co, NC.


Jemima Sherrin b. c 1745, d. c 1835